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Treatment Outline

Your routine dental care and maintenance will include an intra-oral exam, diagnostic digital imaging, and cleaning.  ​ After completing a thorough exam, Dr. Sheth will explain and discuss the necessary treatments for your optimal oral health.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover
- Bonding
Porcelain Veneers
- Porcelain Crowns

All of these treatments can be used to augment your existing smile to a dazzling smile with a natural and realistic appearance.  If you notice any of the following in your smile, then you would be a candidate for a smile makeover:


  • Stained or darker teeth, white spotting

  • Older stained fillings in front teeth

  • Overlapped or crowded teeth

  • Teeth appearing too small or large

  • Excessive space or gaps between teeth

  • Broken or fractured teeth


Making even a subtle change to your smile can make a dramatic and positive difference in your overall appearance.

Many of these treatments can be implemented without the use of expensive orthodontic or gum treatments.


Sensitive Teeth


Sensitive teeth can really interfere with your daily life and prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods/drinks.  Dr. Sheth has developed an effective protocol for patients with sensitive teeth which involves the use of topical fluoride application, desensitizing gels, and resins.

Root Canal Therapy


To preserve infected or broken teeth and avoiding total tooth loss, we offer complete root canal therapy on most teeth.  Dr. Sheth utilizes the newest technologies in root canal therapy to obtain painless, long-lasting results.



Mouth Guards


If you suffer from night-time teeth grinding and clenching, known as bruxism, a custom made nightguard can be fabricated to preserve you teeth and jaw joint (TMJ).  Excessive bruxism can cause your teeth to prematurely wear away and cause detrioration of your jaw joint. Patients with bruxism often suffer from chronic headaches and jaw/facial pain.  We also make custom guards for sporting activities.



Tooth Colored Fillings

These superior resin based fillings can be matched to your existing teeth to create a seamless, sealed restoration of broken or decayed tooth structure.  The resins can also be used to replace older metal fillings which contain mercury (amalgam).  Metal fillings do not have a bonded seal and are susceptible to expansion and contraction, which may cause pain/sensitivity.

Tooth Replacement
- Implants
- Dentures

A single tooth or multiple missing teeth can be replaced with these options:


  • Implants:  Use you own jaw to permanently hold surgical grade titanium implants, made from the same materials used in orthopedic surgeries.  After placement and adequate healing, the implant will be fitted with a custom fabricated tooth which will look natural and be a fully functional tooth.


  • Bridges:  Use existing teeth for support to permanently replace missing teeth.


  • Removable or Full Dentures:   A custom fitted prosthesis made of high pressured acrylic and plastic created from custom imprints of your mouth.  We also offer cosmetic partial dentures which have NO metal. 


Teeth Whitening

Dr. Sheth offers a technologically advanced Deep Teeth Bleaching protocol which results in the whitest smile possible for the patient.  Separate whitening treatments are also available. Patients with sensitive teeth can get professional whitening with the availability of low sensitivity whitening formulas.

Gum Therapies


Many patients require not only routine bi-annual cleanings but sometimes quarterly cleanings, to preserve the foundation of the teeth...your gums and bone.  Deep cleaning (scaling) is available for patients who may retain or develop more plaque.  We also offer new antibiotic gum therapy to reduce the quantity of bacteria which can destroy precious oral tissues.




We understand that sometimes dental emergencies happen.  Whether its a chipped tooth before a social event or dental pain, we are committed to solving any dental emergency as quickly and conveniently as possible.



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